XPDC Extraordinary Nepal!

He noted that how successful Star Publications’ digital platform became would be measured by more consumption later on. The focus, he said, was to take it in directions that had never been done before.
“And naturally when one does something well, revenue will be part of that growth. As we become more meaningful to our consumers, brands will seek us out and we will make more revenue,” he said.
The Port Dickson native said in his years leading media agency Carat, he had gradually associated himself with the digital space. Prior to joining Star Publications, Tan was the chief integration officer at Jumptank, a unit under Aegis Media that builds collaboration and innovation within the digital space.
He had left his position as the chief executive officer of Carat with the intention to strengthen the media agency’s digital reach via Jumptank.
“As digital impacted Aegis Media more significantly, I saw that I needed to help the group move faster in that new environment.”